The MAO Education Fund has been established to increase the knowledge, expertise and skills of MAO members by providing quality education at a minimal cost.

 A minimum balance of $2,600 shall be kept in the MAO Education Fund at all times. Scholarships/grants shall be awarded as long as funds are available.

 MAO Scholarships shall be awarded to active MAO members, regular and subscribing, in the following manner:


Scholarships shall  be awarded in an amount up to $400.00 each


Three (3) scholarships shall be awarded each calendar year


Scholarships shall be awarded once a year. 

The scholarship drawing for winners & alternates shall take place at the May MAO meeting.


Five (5) scholarship alternates shall be drawn


Each MAO member shall be afforded one chance to win a scholarship as part of their membership in MAO.  Each MAO member shall also be afforded additional chances to win by virtue of the number of MAO meetings attended in the prior fiscal year (May thru April).

             Example:  MAO member attending the May, September, October, November and February meeting would have their name entered six times (1 time for being  an MAO member and 5 times for attending meetings).

 Each MAO member is limited to one scholarship in a two year period.


The MAO Treasurer will be responsible for the notification of Scholarship winners and alternates, by letter, and shall include a copy of the Scholarship Criteria with said letter.


Scholarships must be utilized or declined by the person designated to win the scholarship and cannot be transferred.

 Scholarships must be accepted, in writing, by the recipient within 60 days.  The acceptance or non-acceptance of a scholarship shall be conveyed to the MAO Treasurer.  If no acceptance is received, the scholarship will be offered to the next alternate on the Alternate List. 

 Scholarships must be used by the recipient within one year from issuance.

Should the awarded scholarship not be used by the original recipient within the allotted one year period, said scholarship shall be offered to the next alternate on the Scholarship alternate list.  The Alternate scholarship winner will have 30 days to accept the scholarship and one-year from date of acceptance to use the scholarship.  If the Alternate scholarship winner does not use the scholarship within the one year period, said scholarship will revert back to the Education fund for future use.


Scholarships are limited to those classes that are related to the assessing field.(i.e. MAA Short Courses, MAA Conference, IAAO course, Equalizer classes, computer classes, classes approved toward Level I, II, III  or IV certification)


The MAO Treasurer will maintain the Scholarship eligibility list(s) by tracking who attends the monthly meetings and keeping track of those that have completed the scholarship request form at each MAO meeting.  The MAO Treasurer will also oversee the May scholarship drawing. 

 Further, the MAO Treasurer shall maintain a perpetual list of scholarship recipients, alternates and classes taken, expenses, etc.


Payment of scholarship funds will be reimbursed to the recipient, or designated employment units, upon submittal of receipts to the MAO Treasurer.

 Scholarship recipients must sign an Affidavit, to be submitted to the MAO Treasurer, attesting that reimbursement for the same class was not received from their place of employment or from any other source.

 The MAO Executive Board will have the final decision on all aspects of scholarship administration and interpretation.

Revised 11/2/2002; 10/14/2003; 8/17/2004; 11/12/2008

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